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Summer Tips for Dogs

Protect your pet from the effects of the heat. Be sure to have plenty of water available. Consider setting up a wading pool for your dog or hose him down with a watering hose to keep him cooled off. Their activity should be limited in the high temperatures as well.

Treats for your pet this summer?

Low sodium Chicken Broth made into ice cubes.

Freeze a Kong with Peanut Butter.

A cold carrot, apple or other safe fruit from the refrigerator.

Never leave your pets in the car! The inside of your car heats to life threatening levels quickly even on a seemingly cool day. Cracking the windows or running the air conditioner in the car while you are away does not work. Don’t risk your pet’s life—take them out of the car when you are not there with them. Better yet, leave them in a cool place at home.

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