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Where did the Summer go?

All of us here at Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic are amazed that it is September and school has begun. Where did our summer go? I haven't sent out a blog since before the fair, and I apologize for that. After the weather scare a few days before the fair, we still ended up with a great fair, and a lot of greet animals to be judged. Congratulations to all the Ribbon winners this year!!! Your hard work really showed with the quality of your animals and the care that you showed for them.

The Petting Barn went well this year as well. With help from several of our staff and clients we had some adorable baby animals for the kids to stop by and see. I think the 3 little kittens were the favorite this year. Boy were they tired when they got back from the fair. Kitten naps all around!

Here at the Clinic we had some damage from one of our wind storms, you may notice that our tree in front is much thinner than it used to be. Thanks to Jerome Smith with his tractor we made quick work of that though. Thankfully there was no other damage. We are hoping that the last of the storms are past us now and that we can all enjoy this beautiful start to Fall. We know that all of our farmers are behind, and we hope that weather cooperates with you all to get things back on track for a good Fall.

We have had a lot of itchy dogs in the Clinic this Fall. We would like to remind everyone that it is allergy season and flea season all at once. Even if your pet only goes outside for short times please remember to have them on monthly Flea and Tick preventatives. You can purchase them here. If you have seen fleas or flea dirt we also have great home sprays to get rid of those pesky bugs. We also have several products for allergies to help your dog get through this Fall allergy season.

Last but not least we are gearing up for our Fall busy season with the large animals. We will have Fall calving starting shortly and then there will be calf processing and, of course, there are all the pregnancy checks that are coming up. We will be ready for your needs, all you have to do is call.

Thank you again for reading our blog and for all of you that have signed up at our website! We couldn't do any of this without you, our loyal clients and pets!

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