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Pet Pain Awareness Month

As our pets age, they start slowing down. We can help them, Take a look at these charts and see if your pet is in need of some help getting around.

With September being Pet Pain Awareness with emphasis on Osteoarthritis or OA we would like to offer you some great deals to help your furry family to feel the best they can.

Go over to our Education and coupon tab on this website and get some coupons for two of our best Joint Supplements. We are also giving 10-25 off all Geriatric blood work this month. Winter is coming and cold can cause big problems with arthritis, so act now.

Dasuquin has been a great product for several years, and they have rebates for you this month, and Rejensa is a new joint supplement that we are getting great reviews on, we have sample bags for only $5.00. Come and take advantage of our Geriatric Pain specials!

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