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March is Preventative Month~

In the slides below you will see that Heart worm, and 3 major tick borne diseases are growing in diagnostics yearly and are encroaching our area quickly. With the campers, hunters and travelers almost everywhere you go we are looking at cases of all four of these terrible diseases.

Heartworm is a disease that can take your dog down quickly. The worms start out as small larvae deposited by mosquito bites. This larvae circulates in the blood stream for 30 days before forming into worms. It is in this 30 days that we MUST remember to give our pets their preventative. If the preventative isn't given monthly to stop the next stage of the larvae, the worms will form and they will swim straight to your pets heart. Once in the heart they will lodge themselves in one of 4 chambers in the heart and start reproducing. As the strain on the heart gets worse you will see your pet becoming fatigued and starting to cough, this will tell you that the worms are wearing out the heart, and that your pet is in serious trouble. On the average the treatment would be approximately 6 months of confinement for your pet and the cost would be from $850.00 to $1250.00.

Heartworm disease is dangerous and PREVENTABLE!!!

We have several great preventatives here at the clinic, and if you don't like what we have our Online Store has all the other options. Here are some of the many well known options for you to choose from...

At our clinic we have Interceptor, best for active outdoor pets. If you have outdoor farm dogs, hunters or you are outdoors all summer with your pet, this is your best option. This will also need to be combined with a Flea and Tick preventative.

Simparica Trio is also a great option, but this preventative doesn't get Tapeworms and that is why we don't recommend it of the active outdoor dog. Simparica Trio is a great product that not only gets Heart worm and parasites, it also gets the Fleas and Ticks!!!

This is an ALL IN ONE preventative!

And of coarse we have all heard of Heartgard as well, this is a great product and seems to be more palitable but doesn't get tapeworms and does need to be paired with a Flea and Tick preventative.

I do know that this is a lot of information and that it is so easy for you to say I will do it next week or It's not warm enough for this yet BUT THE TRUTH IS... THIS IS A YEAR ROUND CONCERN AND YOUR PET SHOULD BE COVERED YEAR ROUND!

Call for your heart worm test today and receive $10.00 off by simply asking, good through the month of March.

Can't get to Windom to pick up the preventatives, call our ONLINE STORE by simply going to our home page on the website and clicking the MYVETSTOREONLINE button.

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