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Fire Safety Awareness for Pets!!

Our pets are vulnerable when emergencies arise. Do you have a plan to keep your Fur babies safe??? Be prepared for jumping into action, and practice your drills.

I am doing this post due to the national fire day, but this goes further than that, severe storms can create a real problem as well and they are also upon us.

As a Technician I hear people say they have such a hard time getting their animals in carriers, this is not good for those animals scared and needing to go in the kennel or carrier. It is best to keep a carrier out in the house, feed them treats in there, make it a safe and cozy place for them, this way if you need to get them in the carrier in an emergency it will be easier and quicker.

If a cat or pocket pet won't get in a carrier or you can not access it, pillow cases are great for safe escape to get them in a car or at least safely out of the house.

For dogs, make sure that you have access to a spare leash, I keep a slip lead in my car and his leash at the front door. I also have a treat bag on the leash so that I can reward my dog for whatever I need him to do, and will help you to have them focus during a scary time like a fire.

Do you know where your pet's favorite hiding spaces are?? These are most likely going to be were you or an emergency worker would find your pet during an emergency. Have a list of favorite hiding spots for your pet and have it in your emergency kit so that you can tell the firemen where they are most likely hiding. This small list could save their lives.

We have all done these fire drills and emergency planning with our children, but we have to remember that our pet's really have become like children too, be prepared and don't let an emergency become a tragedy.

Don't forget to have your Vet's number in that kit! Animal lungs are small and it doesn't take a lot of smoke to compromise these little guys, they should be checked out ASAP.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

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