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Cottonwood County Rescue Walk for a New Dog Park!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

There were so many people out to help the Cottonwood County Animal Rescue this weekend, July 13th, 2019, this was in Memorial of Lisa Holt. With the funds being raised during this walk the CCAR is trying to plan and construct a dog park for Windom, MN pets. The Rescue will continue to take donations as they will need to fence the entire Dog Park and get other things to keep our pets happy and exercised.

The walk started at 9:00AM and unfortunately so did the downpour of rain. Spirits were not broken though, we were able to make new friends in the picnic shelter and play with all the sweet pets that came for the walk. Several volunteers from the shelter were there to assist walkers and show off pictures of both adopted and available for adoption pets. Kelsey Holt and Carmen Brosi were there to answer questions for the Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, Bridget Brosi was there doing face painting on the children, and there were several happy dogs that loved the attention and pets.

There were door prizes galore for all the participants as well. Thank you to all the stores in town and out of town that gave of their time and/or product.

This is an annual event so please look for more to come and more information on the upcoming Dog Park! If you were unable to get to the walk and would like to donate either time or monetarily please contact the Rescue at

Thank you again to all that were there attending and donating.

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