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Corona policies

  1. We are continuing to monitor the current public health crisis closely. Due to this concern with the Corona Virus we feel that we need to make some changes through April 1st. The health of our clients, patients and staff are at the utmost importance to us.

  2. As of Tuesday, March 17th we are implementing some new policies to keep our clients, pets and staff safe and continue to stay open. We appreciate your assistance with these policies.

  3. 1) We will be trying to reduce lobby traffic. This will work with only one person bringing the patient to an appointment. If you are feeling ill or you are worried about your health, we will meet you in the parking lot and bring your pet in for the appointment as well.

  4. 2) If your pet is having minor stomach issues or allergies, etc. We will be taking phone consults for these (common issues) so that you do not have to come in for an appointment. If your pet will need medications, we can either get them ready for you to pick up or you can get them through our online store at

  5. 3) If you are in need of refills, pet foods or farming supplies please call and we will have them ready for you. You can also go to for many of your needs.

  6. 4) We will also be doing diligent cleaning between every appointment to insure your wellness.

Under recommendation from the American Veterinary Medical Association, CDC and other leaders, we are deferring wellness appointments and elective procedures to preserve medical supplies and encourage social distancing.

At this time, these appointments will be deferred through April 1st. For appointments that are already scheduled we will be honoring these, unless we call and ask you to reschedule. You can always call if you have any questions or concerns.

We appreciate all of your assistance,

Carmen Brosi, Medical Director

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