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Pet Allergies

Redness, itching excessively, Can't sleep due to midnight itching? It might be time to look into a visit to the Vet! We have multiple ways to help you and your pet get a good night sleep.

Itching is the hallmark of allergies. No one treatment will make the itching go away. You can give your pet relief by using antihistamines, medicated shampoos, and fatty acid supplements. Talk with your veterinarian today about how these supplemental treatments can help your pet’s comfort level.

Allergies can also cause Hot Spots on your pet. This is an area that starts opening up and bleeding due to itching. This can cause infection and fever, get your pet in now before you have this ti deal with as well.

If you are concerned please call us and we will help you and your pet get back to playing and enjoying life.

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