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Clinic updates

We have had a very exciting week with horses, mules and now even a deer on the large animal side of things. Not to mention the cattle that we have seen this week. Our doctors are working hard to keep the animals healthy and happy. We have had a large run of Coggins tests with horses and we want to remind everyone that we are only running Coggins on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please plan accordingly.

Small animal has brought in several possible poisonings, and we want to remind people that to keep an eye on what your pet is getting into and try to keep all hazardous items out of reach of your pet. Being outside and enjoying this weather means more time out for your pet as well.

If your pet does get into something it is very important to the treatment of them to know what the pet has consumed. If you suspect that your pet has consumed anything call PET POISON HELPLINE at 855-886-7965. You can also go to the website at There will be a small charge but it will assist the Veterinarian that helps your pet know exactly what to do for the care of your pet. They will give you a case number, please bring this with you to the Vet office so that we can contact them if needed.

We are so happy that we have such a diverse group of clients that we are able to assist with their wonderful animals. Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you and your animals.

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