No matter how long we have had our furry companions we will always have that one more question...
We are here to help!

  • How do I choose the right Pet for me and my family?          These days there are new breeds and breeds that are coming back that we almost forgot about. There are rescues and pet stores and breeders at every turn, but what is the right fit for your family and lifestyle? Here are a few links that can help you make this forever choice.


Cottonwood County Animal Rescue

  • What should I do when I get my pet, what items should I purchase?        Now that you have picked your furry buddy, what do you need for the house? The Car? The yard? Should I bring her into the Vet? Should I get pet Insurance??

  • Do I really need all these monthly preventatives?        Heartworm disease is deadly, and can be prevented, so yes it is worth it. You are not only protecting your own pet but all the pets around you. If a mosquito bites one dog with Heartworm, that same mosquito can pass that to every pet it bites! Read more here.

  • Do I need a trainer, how do I teach my pet right from wrong?      Training can be helpful, especially with a working or hunting dog. Here are some great pages that will help with some of the smaller household training.

  • My pet ate something, is it harmful to him?          We have all had this scare as pet owners, Here are some links to obvious poisons, and also the link to the Poison Control Hotline.

  • Is is time to walk my pet over the "Rainbow Bridge?"       This is one of the hardest decisions that you will have to make with your companion. Here are some tools that can help, and Grief sites as well to help with the passing.

  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service...       Here you can read up on the latest recorded records dealing with our herds, Foot and Mouth along with Mad Cow disease are good to keep up on.

  • Should I be worried about West Nile with my horses?       You may also be interested in the latest information on West Nile and were it is being reported.